May 2010

The month of May 2010 will be “legendary” for the “Googs” and I therefore have decided to chronicle our many adventures and accomplishments  in this blog dedicated to the happenings of my very talented and wonderful family.  This month will find us in Atlanta for Tim’s graduation from Georgia Tech where he will receive a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Next we head to Winston-Salem for Kyle’s girlfriends Master’s Recital in the violoncello, when we get the opportunity to meet her mother and stepdad from France. Her parents do not speak English at all and although Russ has been to France, he and I do not speak French.

The following weekend we head to Nashville to move my daughter Erin who goes to Vanderbilt… she will be moving out of the dorms and into a house with a buddy for the summer semester.

Then we head back up to Winston-Salem for the graduation ceremony at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where Kyle will be receiving his Masters in Vocal Arts where he specialized in Opera. So I promise to let everyone know who we are and why I felt you might be interested… throughout the month and in the coming months as the children venture out into the world and Russ and I tread water on the home front.


About thegoogs

mother of three incredibly bright and talented individuals who are in very diffferent fields-finding my place after setting them out into the great big world-
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