Tim gets ready to Graduate from GA Tech

On Friday I drove in to meet Tim to attend “lunch with the president of Ga Tech… ” Very Cool. This was held at the Student Success Center appropriately enough and was held to honor those braniac students who will graduate at the top of their programs. There have been quite of few of these award ceremonies and  honors this month for the students and parents and friends to attend. This one was pretty slick. The SSC is in a building adjacent to Bobby Dodd Stadium. So we had a view of the Jumbotron -upon which each name of the braniac students could be viewed for a good coupla minutes with their major-if you got onto you knees and looked out of the window… It really was pretty cool-to see Tim’s name up  on the screen-I tried to get a picture of it with his phone–hopefully he will send it to me to include here at some point… See what’s so cool is Tim doesn’t often bring attention to himself-he is the quietest and most cerebral of the three Goog children. So whenever I have the opportunity to toot his horn –believe me I do. I told everyone I saw on Friday how very proud of Tim I am and how very bright he is-in fact  The President of Georgia Tech-Dr. Peterson let the luncheon crowd know that only either 27 or 37 students in the entire graduating class  had 4.0 throughout their four years at Tech… Wow.. sorry I cannot remember if it was 27 or 37 obvioulsy Tim doesn’t get his math skills from me…. That is amazing… and my Timmy is one of an elite few… 

The students were asked to speak a bit about their futures and then recount some memorable moments at Tech. There were some interesting stories-taking a latet night dip in the President’s pool…., throwing lighted pumpkins off a building on campus….,standing waiting for the bus and meeting up with student who complained about the same class and then becoming great friends with them… Tim recalled the pride he felt when the track team he competed with finished in 2nd place in the ACC!!

So today at 3:00 Erin, hubby and I will attend the graduation ceremony at the Coliseum and I will do my level best NOT to become overly emotional.  I will NOT stop bragging about Tim’s accomplishments so far at Tech because I am just so damn proud of him. He will be continuing on this summer at Tech to receive his Masters in Electrical Engineering and will be a GRA(graduate research assistant) thanks to Texas Instrument! He has been focusing his study on analog circuitry for the past six months or so and TI has been assisting him in that effort… Yeah! Good things come to those who work hard.


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mother of three incredibly bright and talented individuals who are in very diffferent fields-finding my place after setting them out into the great big world-
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