Graduation Day

William Nuti

The Georgia Tech graduation took place in the Alexander Memorial Coliseum on Saturday at 3:00 for the College of Engineering.  There were approximately 1050 graduates in attendance and the stadium was filled with parents, family and friends. The place was buzzzing with excitement.. pun intended!

William Nuti the CEO of NCR gave the commencement speech which mixed a heavy dose of the reality of the times with encouragement that these graduates are fully prepared to enter into the future. He quoted newapaper headlines filled with doom and gloom that actually were taken from the 70’s to make the point that we have weathered tough times in the past and will once again shoulder on and succeed. It was at the same time depressing and uplifting. I was fully engaged almost 90% of the time when my back did not feel the twinges of sitting on backless stadium seats.. note to self -for the Master’s Ceremony next year nab a seat with a back.

It was really cool to find myself seated directly behind a family of a young man with whom Tim and Kyle played soccer in the 5th grade. Andrew was graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering- we hadn’t seen them in many years-however my ability to recall faces came in very handy-and I simply leaned down and asked Ann if in fact her children had played with the Y as youngsters. Her reply… “I am so glad you spoke up because I was wondering where I knew you from” Ha Ha… we then shared many comments throughout the afternoon and raved about how very proud we are of our sons. Small world huh.

After the ceremony and pictures and weaving our way back to the car we dined at Gordon Biersch and enjoyed a great evening. Tim’s roommate is newly engaged and there was a party at Brio’s to celebrate – I begged off though because the day had just wiped me out.. now that is rare. I have never been known to turn down an invite to party.. I think hubby was grateful that I was the tired one for once…

It was an amazing day -I did not struggle once to keep my emotions from getting the better of me. The pride I feel for Tim and all of his many accomplishments just feels natural and doesn’t overwhelm me. Great day and Great Job Tim!


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mother of three incredibly bright and talented individuals who are in very diffferent fields-finding my place after setting them out into the great big world-
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