UNCSA Graduation

The University Of North Carolina School of the Arts held Graduation on May 29th, 2010 and to quote a local newspaper in Winston-Salem: “The Oscar for graduation Goes to UNCSA” here’s a bit of that article:——

Almost 200 students graduated yesterday from the arts college in a production befitting their performance education. They wore cocktail dresses with combat boots, three-piece suits, jeans and T-shirts.

No pomp and circumstance here.

Instead, there was a keynote speech from legendary director Peter Bogdanovich, who did impressions of Orson Welles, Jimmy Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock rather than spout the usual graduation-day advice.

Even the presentation of diplomas was a performance: Chancellor John Mauceri asked for the diplomas, sprinkling confetti in the air. Then, a bunch of balloons rose from the orchestra at the Stevens Center, carrying a cardboard cutout of a house. A man with a white beard and dark-rimmed glasses — looking spot-on like the main character from Disney-Pixar’s Oscar-winning Up, — climbed up after the balloons. Then the orchestra floor rose, bringing tables with cardboard boxes filled with the students’ diplomas.

The white-bearded man was Rick Miller, the dean of university programs at UNCSA. To hoots and applause, Miller removed the glasses and pulled on an academic robe, preparing to call out the names of the graduates.

They received degrees ranging from bachelors to masters, in disciplines ranging from music to acting to design.——

It was fabulous-definitely THE MOST fun I have ever had at a graduation. I knew that I would be entertained -it is a performing arts school after all… but I did not know that I would be thoroughly engaged and delighted to be a part of the audience. Bogdanovich was witty and current and I hung on every word… Fabulous. I am trying to remember where my pictures are and will insert them as soon as I can.

The rest of the weekend was just as entertaining as hubby and I had the opportunity to meet Kyle’s gal pal’s parents from France. They are delightful. We spent one evening at her place drinking  champagne and freshly made mojitos and eating foie gras that her stepdad had made and brought with them.

We lingered for quite a few hours and joked and found a way to communicate even though we do not share the same language. The funniest part of the evening was Russ explaining baseball to Jean Louis using his laptop which was tuned to MLB and the Red Sox. Recently I read that the French-although they often indulge in very rich foods-do not gain weight like we do because they often eat communally and spend a long time at a meal. Which was exactly what we did that evening. It was so much fun. Her folks are lovely!

It was a work weekend though as we went into high gear to pack Kyle up and place most of his possessions in storage since he was heading to France for almost a month the very next day. We buzzed through his house-which was actually behind his landlords house- one of those “servants quarters” type of deals–in  a few hours.  Great space it has been perfect for Kyle.

Kyle is a wonderful cook and has a very well stocked kitchen-packing it up took quite a while… I think there were 5 different kinds of espresso! We did get it done and cleaned and readied for the next occupant who is a friend of Kyle’s.

Russ and I said goodbye to Winston-Salem for now–figuring we might not end up back there at all or at least for a while… great town though we have enjoyed getting to know it.


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mother of three incredibly bright and talented individuals who are in very diffferent fields-finding my place after setting them out into the great big world-
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