The Changing Face of a Family

Celebrating Erin’s graduation!!!

So just a bit of a hiatus to let life happen.. haha— a while has passed since I last blogged. I even had to change the profile to reflect the fact that I no longer have any college children. Erin graduated from Vanderbilt in May and Tim received his Masters in Electrical Engineering from GA Tech the week before Erin. We did all get together in Nashville for the graduation and had the MOST AMAZING time with Kyle, Tim and his fiance Kate, Russell and Erin’s girlfriend-Gina.

The wonderful thing about Nashville that really struck me on that visit was the incredible amount of talent that surrounds one there. I mean we walk into a little joint on Broadway at 2:00 p.m. and a female vocalist and an amazing guitarist are working through a set of beautiful tunes… It was lovely and totally random and unexpected for us.   The other very cool thing was that the”extended family” now includes some pretty stout talent in the music department. Gina is an accomplished songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, and Kate also is a gifted singer, I am sure I have spoken of Kyle’s talents and Tim and Erin both play the guitar to certain degrees. I am always dumbstruck by the fact that I have less than no musical ability BUT I do know what’s good and pleasing and one night we just had to go the  karaoke route in Printers Alley in Nashville. I want to tell you –I cannot remember what we paid– but man was it excellent and well worth the little cover charge. The place was a little dive called Lonnie’s gotta get in there–we had so much fun and BONUS I got to hear Kate sing beautifully and then Kyle sing which always makes me smile! We had a blast.


About thegoogs

mother of three incredibly bright and talented individuals who are in very diffferent fields-finding my place after setting them out into the great big world-
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